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Rambo House is a well-known community, public relations, and event management company that has been serving LA County since 2008. With over 30 corporate and nonprofit agencies under its management, the company has become an expert in community, public relations, and event management. Rambo House has acquired a wide range of clients from various sectors, including health services, rehabilitation, and iconic companies within the county.


The company has launched numerous successful campaigns, including Accessing LA, Mayor Summit, and the TeleHealth Van services. The TeleHealth Van is a fleet of 5G-enabled virtual mental health therapists that visit residents in underserved communities. Rambo House also launched Building LA Today/Contract Ready LA, a monthly event that helps businesses access contracts and grants, attracting over 700 attendees per event.


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Furthermore, Rambo House curated and hosted PULL UP- An Ultimate Mental Health Concert powered by TeleHealth Van, which took place at Sofi Stadium’s YouTube Theater. The event, funded by the Department of Mental Health and TeleHealth Van, boasted an attendance of over 4,000 local college graduates and students and featured top musical performances, including that of platinum rapper YG.


As a seasoned contract manager, Rambo House has won numerous contracts and grants from various organizations, including the Los Angeles Department of Sanitation, Department of Children and Family Services, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH), and Los Angeles Supervisor Holly Mitchell’s District 2. Currently, Rambo House oversees the creation, launch, and management of Afghanistan’s first 24/7 crisis helpline called Wellness Helpline for Afghans.


Dion Rambo, the founder of Rambo House, has been elected as an LA County commissioner and currently sits on the Quality Productivity Commission. He is also the current Entrepreneur in Residence for the Office of Los Angeles Mayor, Karen Bass, serving as an expert advisor.


With its extensive experience and relationships within LA County, Rambo House has become a trusted resource for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. The company’s portfolio of awards and resources acquired over the years reflects its commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of community, public relations, and event management.


In summary, Rambo House’s expertise in community, public relations, and event management, along with its relationships and experience within LA County, make it a valuable resource for any organization looking to make an impact in the county. Its success as an experienced contract manager in LA County highlights its commitment to excellence and innovation. Rambo House is dedicated to bringing positive change to the community and creating a lasting impact through its various campaigns and initiatives


Rambo House has developed ventures for the advancement of the community. We focus on addressing the needs of the community in a way that heals and creates growth, and longevity.

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Every client is important to us. Their corporate mission and yearly objectives are treated with personal attention from our team. We are empowered by the trust that we have established with each client we represent. We know, in the end, that if our clients are successful, we are successful. We are proud to work with our clients, as their Outsourced Marketing Department.